Created to fulfill desire for practical and comfortable swimwear which is still absolutely glamorous; BePopsy officially starts its new exciting journey with the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Being playful and empowering, BePopsy embodies elegance. The goal is to celebrate the sensuality that lays within you and to empathize your silhouette and personality.

100% Made in Italy, all of our textiles are created from the most refined and practical materials; among which part of the fabrics comes from eco-sustainable materials which are obtained by fish nets. The creative process brings in first place always without forgetting the importance of the comfort.

Our philosophy of body positivity seeks in the materials and in their process making an irreplaceable allay. Always seeking new trends which will align with these values and that satisfy clients thirst for luxury. BePopsy deepens the study of the woman body to obtain a perfect fit, eliminating wireworms and using a sharp cut which obtains a product that wraps gently the body which will leave as a mark only the tan.

Versatility is one of the fundamental characteristics of our products One piece. Our must- have is ‘’Greta’’, with its American cut, high-neck on the front and on the back a vast neckline embellished with lace which enhance every type of silhouette. Elegant, sensual and multipurpose is perfect for every occasion during the day or the evening where you can use it as a top.

Each of our clients will perceive BePopsy like a unique line, which celebrates an amusing side of sensuality, placing women at the center of the stage. Behind BePopsy’s there is Olimpia Boniperti, whose visionary approach to fashion, along with a strong passion for all things beautiful and wanderlust-injected, could enhance any woman’s personality, indeed.